On the northern and eastern slopes of the volcano, here the vineyards of winery’s partners rise: their profound knowledge of the land imbued with a feeling of territorial redemption and a desire to breathe life into the soul of this lava soil, formed by the crumbling of various types of volcanic rock, all these are inherent in the cultivation of the prestigious winegrape varieties and the production of high quality wines, which have all the aroma and flavor of this volcanic land, yet differ from each other.

The dry climate, the unique interaction of climate and soil, the wide temperature range between day and night and the late harvesting of the grapes have bequeathed “Terre dell’Etna” wines an outstanding character, enriched with persistent aromas and flavors and as varied as the terroir of their production. The culture of hard work in the vineyards has been backed up with a winery equipped with leading edge technological systems, making it possible to produce the very finest, high-quality wines (reds, whites and rosés).

The grapes come from grapevines of varying ages: some from young plants and others (ungrafted vines), that are up to 130 years old, part of which vertical trellised and part of which are espalier-trained (Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio for the reds and rosés, Carricante, Cattarratto for the whites).